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Miguélez cables are present in the Novo Hospital of Vigo

Fecha de publicación: 14 de de 2013

Miguélez cables are present in the Novo Hospital of Vigo
280,000 square meters of total floor area , 1465 hospital beds , 22 operating rooms for in-patient surgery, 12 maternity delivery rooms, two emergency operating rooms and five special rooms , 62 diagnostic Imaging rooms , 150 consultation rooms , teaching and research area, 600 square meters helipad , 4350 parking spaces, library, nursery rooms, ... : these are the impressive figures of the gigantic Novo Hospital of Vigo, which will be an investment of 375 million euros and the latest technology in management and communication , robotic transport circuit and a paperless management system , and will employ 1,000 professionals directly and another 1,500 indirectly, in order to provide assistance to 600,000 people each year.

The Novo Hospital of Vigo is described by industry experts as one of the most modern in Europe , thanks to its energy efficiency and flexibility of its architecture . Also, it will comply with over 260 quality indicators, among which are those related to security and supply/ energy management. Thus, because it could not be otherwise , the high security cables Afirenas X RZ1 -K ( AS) and reinforced high security Afirefenix SZ1 -K (AS + ) Miguélez brand, will be part of this, which is certainly the largest public health project of great wingspan being undertaken currently in Spain. No doubt that in the process of selection of the cables to be installed in the project, it was of special importance the impeccable trajectory of the solutions of the Miguélez brand in projects with similar characteristics.

Numerous hospitals and clinics around the world attest to the quality and performance of our products: Hospital de la Fe (Valencia , Spain ) ; Clinica Delgado Lara ( Lima , Peru ) ; Hospital Puerto Montt ( Puerto Montt , Chile ), Hospital Sant Joan de Deu (Barcelona , Spain ), Hospital de León (León , Spain ) International Clinic San Borja ( San Borja , Peru ), Hospital Clinic ( Barcelona , Spain ), Hospital Universitario Insular ( Las Palmas , Spain ) ; Hospital Las Higueras de Talcahuano (Concepción , Biobío, Chile) ; Hospital of Copiapo ( Copiapo , Chile ) Teknon Clinic (Barcelona , Spain ) ; Hospital Essalud Chalaco (Callao , Peru ) ; Hospital of Palamos ( Gerona , Spain ) ; Hospital Essalud Villa Maria del Triunfo ( Lima , Peru ) ; Hospital of Mérida ( Badajoz , Spain ), Hospital Essalud Trujillo ( Trujillo , Peru ) ; Hospital of Maipú ( Santiago de Chile, Chile) , Hospital San Carlos ( Chillán , Chile ), among others , ...

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