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Throughout its more than 60 year history, Miguélez has shown a clear international focus and a high level of adaptation in each new market in which it operates.

Some dates of special importance within the process of international expansion of the Miguelez brand:

1992: Founding of Miguélez ElectricalConductors, based in Lisbon, Portugal

2006: Founding of Miguélez Chile LTDA.,with the intent of accesing the Chilean market and using this logistics center as a dispatch point to markets in their natural peripheries within the South American continent.

2007: Founding of Miguélez, Panama, SRL., to enhance our presence in the Central American market.

2008: Inauguration of two modern logistics centers in Santiago de Chile and Panama City, within our plan of consolidation in these markets.

2009: Inauguration of a new logistics center in Paris, in the process of strengthening the brand in the French market.

2010: Founding of Miguélez Andina SRL, located in the Peruvian city of Lima.

2012: Founding of Miguélez USA Corporation, based in Miami, Florida

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